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This is a  Protools Trim Tool Switcher Template for keyboard maestro, and Elgato stream deck.

This template will help  you to switch between modes at the presss of a button.


In Order for this to work you need :


• Keyboard Maestro and import “Trim Tools Switcher Macros.kmmacros”

• Import “Trim Tools Stream Deck Template.streamDeckProfile” on your stream deck app•

The Keyboard Maestro Plugin for the Elgato stream deck

• Make sure you create the custom Protools shortcuts for each trim tool (customizable in the “Keyboard Shortcuts” ) Window. You can use your own or use the one i have made (shift + control + option + command + 1 (this last number changes fro each tool) )Thank you


thank you!


Protools Trim Tool Switcher Macro

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